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Frequently Asked Questions Urofill

Urofill is for every man who wants to “just a little bit more” or improve his appearance and self-confidence. Almost anyone can qualify for penile thickening. Most of the procedures performed are on men with normal penis size.

Local anesthesia is placed in the penis with a very thin needle which will make the rest of the procedure painless. Subsequently, Hyaluronic Acid injections will be applied just under the skin. Finally, the artistic phase: the hyaluronic acid is molded by means of a massage, achieving a thicker penis with the desired natural appearance.

Yes. The patient can return to work immediately after the procedure (without restrictions). In just one week after applying the product, you will be able to resume your sexual activity.

Each session lasts 20 to 30 minutes.

The patient may have bruising (ecchymosis) and some irregularities in the soft tissues of the penis for about a week. To date, no serious side effects or complications related to the application of UroFill have been reported. Any irregularities will be molded and/or treated in the control consultation.

You will notice a larger and thicker penis immediately after the procedure.
The effect is instantaneous! An increase of the penis circumference between 1 to 2 cm is achieved, both in erect and flaccid state. Even greater results can always be achieved with additional sessions.

Yes. With the help of a urologist specialized and certified in genital cosmetic surgery, almost any desired appearance can be achieved.
The treatment will be tailored to the needs of each patient in order to fully meet their expectations.

Urofill can only be administered by board-certified urologists or plastic and cosmetic surgeons. These specialists must be trained and certified by Urofill through strict training modules in this patented technique. Therefore, Urofill is the only safe and effective way to achieve penis enlargement. Dr. Luis A. Wadskier is a urologist specializing in minimally invasive surgery and genital cosmetic surgery. Dr. Wadskier is the only physician trained and certified to perform Urofill in Colombia.

Since Urofill was started in 2013, patients report retention of most of the hyaluronic acid to this day. It is important to emphasize that resorption is variable in each patient according to their age, health status, lifestyle, etc. Generally speaking, up to 85% of the filler can be expected to be maintained 24 months after the procedure.

Volume loss with Urofill is minimal over time. Any decrease in volume, however, can be recovered at any time with a simple follow-up session, which requires a minimal amount of filler compared to the initial treatment.

This patented technique develops a space between two compact layers of penile connective tissue called Dartos and Buck’s fascia. The patent is based on how to create this space or pocket to keep the filler in place. Due to the limited access of blood and lymphatic flow to this pocket, the filler lasts considerably longer and in some cases the result is permanent. Knowledge of the anatomy of the penis is essential to achieve the desired results and that is why the ideal person to perform the procedure is the urologist with training in genital aesthetic surgery.

In contrast, the face has an abundant amount of lymphatics and a very abundant blood flow, so the filler is absorbed within a year.

Urofill can be performed to increase the size of the glans and shaft of the penis. The glans, however, is a tissue that has abundant blood and lymphatic flow (like the face), so the effects of procedures performed on the glans usually last only 3 to 4 months. Urofill was created to increase the girth of the penile shaft in view of its long-term success. Urofill’s goal is patient satisfaction in terms of both size and duration of results.

No, Urofill was created only to increase penis girth. Before and after photos may create the false illusion of increased penis length, but what actually happens is that with Urofill, the penis shrinks or hides less. Therefore, one of the great benefits of Urofill is to maintain the length of the penis in erection when it is flaccid.

Almost a third of the penis is inside the body. In all the procedures to lengthen the penis, what is done is to exteriorize the part of the penis that was inside the body, gaining length of the “functional” penis. This can be done with surgery through a small incision in the pubis and cutting the suspensory ligament of the penis, achieving a length increase of between 3-5 cm both in flaccidity and in erection.

It is an outpatient surgery with a very low complication rate. After surgery, the patient must use a penis extender such as PhalloX3 hours a day for 3-6 months to prevent retraction of the scar and suspensory ligament of the penis. This is a key part of the success of this surgery. It is important that patients know that the angle of the erection will change, having a more forward projection, but neither the quality of the erection nor the sensitivity changes with this surgery, you will continue the same as before, only with a longer penis.

Penis enlargement can also be achieved through the use of extenders, without surgery. These work by being placed on the penis and the device will generate a soft and constant traction of the penis, achieving that little by little the penis is externalized, obtaining an increase in length of between 2-3 cm, with excellent results and a very high rate of satisfaction in patients.

Of the options on the market, the one I personally recommend to achieve a longer penis is PhalloX.

Your partner will most likely not be able to tell that you had Urofill performed, as the look and feel will be completely natural. In fact, your partner may experience a more satisfying sexual relationship as a thicker penis produces a greater sensation of fullness of the genital organ.

Yes, no problem in any case. Most patients undergoing Urofill do not have circumcision.

No, no patient has reported even the slightest impairment in sensitivity or erection quality.

There is no problem. You can travel to Bogota either by car or plane and return to your city the same day or the next day. It is important to plan a new trip 2 weeks later to mold the hyaluronic acid or to perform the next session. It can be explained by telemedicine how to perform the massage at home, however, ideally this should be done by your physician. Barranquilla and Bogota are cities with a wide range of gastronomic and entertainment options if you want to stay in the city for several days.

This depends on the patient’s desire and expectation.
The minimum dose to obtain a noticeable result is 10 cc.

Most patients are very satisfied after placement of between 15 to 20 cc.

We do not recommend using more than 30 cc on the penis in any case.

Regardless of how many cc’s the patient desires in total, a maximum of 6 cc’s will be placed in one session. Multiple additional sessions can be performed to achieve the desired final effect.
The maximum recommended dose is 30cc.

There is always the possibility of further increasing penile girth with additional but smaller sessions compared to the initial treatment.

The minimum you should wait is 5 days, but the best time to resume sexual activity is after 7 days.

When less than 10cc volumes are placed, very little increase in penile girth is achieved and patients fail to perceive the change they wanted.

We do not place more than 10cc per session because when large volumes are placed, the absorption mechanisms are activated. In addition, the haluronic acid is not molded uniformly, not achieving a natural result.

The price of UroFill™ varies widely depending on the amount desired or recommended to the patient.

The minimum recommended is 10cc (cubic centimeters), which would be applied in 2 sessions. Less than 10cc is not recommended as patients will not see a significant change with a small amount of hyaluronic acid applied.

The following options are available:
Option 1: 10cc in 2 sessions
Option 2: 14cc in 3 sessions
Option 3: 18cc in 4 sessions
Option 4: 22cc in 5 sessions

An additional 10% discount will be applied for cash payment.